Join BENWIS' distribution

BENWIS: Premium-quality, professional services, manufacturer's supply chain.

Policy advantages
1. Warehouse supply chain
2. Absolute price advantage
3. Strictly control the quality, authentic licensed products
4. equal partnership,we share the  development fruits with distributors
5. Preferential support policy for store.

Distribution Products
1, mobile phone protective shell, leather
2, Tablet Sleeve,
3, mobile power,
4, headset, car charger, data cable,
5, the mobile device accessories.

Provide the contions
1. Observe BENWIS' sales rules, maintenance BENWIS' reputation,
2. Specializing in 3C digital online or store
3. Adhere credibility, service & loving,
4. Have the time to actively promote the marketing
5. Maintain or cancel distributors  according survival of the fittest .

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